Where The Juice Lives

Fight hard.  Win if you can.  But if you don’t win….don’t despair.  Consider the following…

The best results usually come from great struggle.  And it’s probably fair to say that your side “winning” doesn’t always represent the best result.

Many years ago I posed the following question in an open company conference forum to one of the founders of the company I work for:

“I have observed that there is a natural tension that exists between our acquisition department and operations department.  Can you share your thoughts on that?”

He responded with 4 words…..”Get used to it.”

I did.  But more than just “getting used to it” I came to understand the larger meaning in his answer.  The “natural tension” is where the juice lives.  That’s the place where growth occurs.  That natural tension isn’t going anywhere….and that’s a good thing.

Our system of government is built on ideas competing for the privilege of being formalized into law.  It’s an ugly process but that’s where the juice lives….in the ugliness.

All the products we buy in the market place are the result of competition in the world of business.  Do you think the phone in your pocket is the result of a good idea in the absence of competing ideas?  Nope.  There was, and still remains, a cut throat competition for your interest in the area of new technology.  Companies are looking to destroy their next closest competitor and would if they could….and often do….and thank goodness for that.  Because that’s where the juice lives.

And in the world of art…the next time you see an artist, musician, architect, etc. creating something that looks, sounds, smells, tastes or makes you feel a little odd…just remember….you don’t have to like it.  But you ought to respect it…because that is the creative process.  And the creative process….is where the juice lives.

And when you see the nation buzzing over kneeling or not kneeling for the national anthem, no matter where you come down on that issue….take a moment and zoom your lens out a little ways and take a look at the big picture.  Football, no football.  Protests, no protests.  Anthems, no anthems.  The struggle associated with that issue is a source of growth for our nation…

…because that’s where the juice lives.


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