What Does “Showing Up” Mean Exactly?

Woody Allen said that “70% of success in life is showing up.”  We’ve all heard one version or another of that quote.  I’m not even sure that Woody Allen is the proper attribution.  But what exactly does that mean…

…and is it true?

It seems intuitively true to me.  But I also think it can mean different things to different people and situations.

RELIABILITY – I think in some cases the meaning is literal.  It’s about being where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.  For example, I’ve done a lot of reading about blogs this year and one of the themes I hear over and over has to do with building a level of trust with the reader.  The experts say posting consistently is almost more important than quality when it comes to establishing an audience.  (I heard that, smart aleck!)  Showing up…reliably.

The Happy Life – Sustainability

CONNECTION – Sometimes just letting someone know that they are not alone is “showing up”.  Humans are social creatures.  In the digital world there are myriad ways to connect today.  Showing up….connected.

DEMONSTRATION – And then there are those times, big moments….weddings, divorces, funerals, graduations, etc….when showing up is simply saying, often non-verbally, that I see you and what is happening.  And that you are an important enough figure in my life that what is happening in your life right now matters to my life as well.  Showing up…I’m here.

And now that you have made it to the end of this post I must thank you…

…for showing up.



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