Troublems? You Don’t Know Troublems

A couple of danish young men came to stay in our home one summer when I was a kid.  They were the byproduct of a trip to Europe that my sister Kathy had taken as part of her early and adventurous exploration of herself and  the world.  They introduced us all to a new word in the English language somehow despite…

…not speaking a lick of English.

My recollection is that my sister had stayed at their parents home at some point during her trip and she had offered to return the favor if they ever found themselves in Spring, TX.

Shockingly…it was on their agenda!  😉

But far more important than any of that they introduced us all to the word “troublem”.  They kept using this word as a confusion between the word ‘trouble’ and ‘problem’.

The Happy Life – Magic Word

Think about it.  If you are a 20 year old free-wheelin’, long haired, Danish hippie guy who finds himself in 1970’s Texas with your like-kind friend, you don’t speak the language…and you are trying to communicate the many troubles and problems that might arise from such a scenario to a family full of folks that don’t speak you’re language….

…well, the subtleties between troubles and problems may not warrant your full attention.  And so…

…”troublems” becomes the word of the day.

That word has stuck with me all these many years later and I still use it informally in conversation.  I probably always will.

I am left with three strong memories from what for me was a happy and interesting experience.  First, the word.  Love that word.  Second, Danish hippies chew on their long hair a lot.  (At least these did…lol.)

And finally, do not attempt to keep up with Danish hippies when they order pitchers of Lowenbrau at the local pizza joint on a Saturday night…

…particularly if it is your first serious experience with alcohol.  They introduced me to my first hangover.

And THAT is when I came to understand more fully the MEANING of the word “Troublems”…

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