Tom Brady Coffee

As we pull up to the menu at Starbucks my wife casually says to me “Do you know what I want…have you got it?”

Now that may seem like a casual question between husband and wife on a lazy Sunday afternoon without a lot of intrigue attached to it.  But this is Starbucks, folks…and they don’t speak any language I am familiar with in there.  Some of my hipper friends and associates might be thinking right now….”C’mon Ken, just order the cup of coffee.”

“What’s the big deal, dude?”

Well, here’s the big deal….dude.  If you are a fan of football you have probably heard how many young quarterbacks struggle with play calling.  It’s complicated because each play call communicates a piece of the play to each of the players on the team.  Things like who to block, what route to run, are we running or passing, snap count, etc. are all captured in the play call.  Many, many very talented people who have played the game for years fail in the NFL because they cannot grasp the complexity of the playbook and calling plays.

So I ask you…which of these is the more complicated play call….

“Iced, quad, venti, soy, upside down, 2 1/2 pump, caramel macchiato, light caramel drizzle,…please.”


“flip right double-X jet 36 counter naked wagglet seven X quarter…….ready…break!”

Listen, Tom Brady would struggle to order a cup of coffee for my adorable wife….dude.

…and that’s why I’ll never play in the NFL.

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  1. Haha, I have been with your wife when she ordered that very thing and I still don’t understand it. Just give me a simple Grande skinny caramel macchiato, stirred, extra hot and extra lite caramel., please.

    Don’t understand any of the football gibberish either.

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