Throw a Wrench, Turn a Wrench

You have a theoretical wrench in your hand.  What are you going to do with it?  What is your instinct?  Throw it or turn it?


They ask the uncomfortable question.  They identify the elephant in the room.  They push people out of their comfort zone.  They are energized by change.  They are risk takers.  They identify the need.  They are idea people.  They like a dynamic environment.


They build teams.  They bring people together.  They develop relationships and people.  They focus on the details.  They solve puzzles.  They solve problems.  They set the standard.  They measure.  They track progress.  They execute.  They like order, efficiency and incremental progress.

Want your team to create something new and special?  You are probably best served by a mix of these two important types.  Sometimes you have to break it down in order to build it up again.   Two VERY different skill sets, right?

Do you have both of these types on your team? And which one are you, leader?   I would LOVE to hear about a disruptor or builder on your team or in your life.  You can change the names to protect the innocent if you like.  😉


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2 Replies to “Throw a Wrench, Turn a Wrench”

  1. Can you be both? I think I’m both. A disruptor for sure! Guilty as charged for challenging the “system” & the status quo, as you know all too well, Ken! But I also know that I’m a team builder, as proven. Perhaps multiple-personality disorder defines me more than either one of these stereotypes! I believe that in order to be a leader you have to be able to both disrupt that which is not working (sorry!) and solve problems, create & execute strategy and focus on progress & results. It only can be accomplished by the relationships you build with your team-members & co-workers & by empowering them. They in turn become leaders in their own right. They are allowed to & encouraged to disrupt (i.e., think with their own minds & contribute their own ideas) knowing that their own fresh & innovative ideas are embraced. Does that make sense?

    1. From my perspective, we all have some of both elements in us. So it’s really a matter of degree. I see both in you, Paula, for sure.

      (…and we will likely NEVER agree about some things, my friend.)

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