The Watson-less Texans

I think Tom Savage is a good guy.  I think Tom Savage throws a nice ball.  I think Tom Savage has worked hard to get where he will be on Sunday against the Colts.  But…

…I have no doubt that Tom Savage is going to get crushed.  As you watch Savage get sacked the first time he drops back to pass….and then several times thereafter on Sunday please keep in mind that the Colts defense is just barely a professional grade defense.  They are awful…as is the Texans offensive line.

Savage will get crushed…..if not this week than in some game in the coming few weeks.

The thought coming into this season was that Tom Savage would be the bridge to the Deshaun Watson era.  Nobody really knew how long he would need to bridge that gap.  A lot of it would depend on how well the offense played under his leadership.

Deshaun Watson Era Begins

So let’s be honest about this….it took 30 minutes.

So now, with Watson out for the season, we turn back to Tom Savage to see what can be made of what I believe is basically a throw away season now.  Savage is playing to put good reps on tape for suitors during the off season because this is his last season with the Texans.  His contract is up and his style is so dramatically different than Watson’s that the Texans would be crazy not to go out and find some young mobile quarterback who can play the same system as Watson.

The Texans signed two quarterbacks this week.  One of them is T.J. Yates….Texans legend (sadly).

I put the over/under on Yates starting at 3 games.


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