The Ultimate New Years Resolution

This is the one.  This is the resolution that will improve your life on this day and every day going forward.  If you resolve to do this one thing for the rest of your life I can guarantee that your life will change…

…and maybe for the better.  Maybe.

I resolve to…

Hey, you know what?  Before we make this resolution of all resolutions can we talk a little bit about the resolutions we’ve been making for the last few years?

Remember that one about joining a gym….and you did indeed “join” a gym but didn’t actually spend much time AT the gym?

And then there was that year you resolved to eat healthier?  I think you actually put on a few pounds that year, didn’t you?

And then there was that year you resolved  to call your mother more frequently.  Well, dag blast it, you are now 0 for 3 on these dang resolutions!?!

Commitment Jazz

Why are these things so hard to live up to?  It’s an interesting question. I guess most folks make New Years Resolutions about things that they think of as flaws that, for some reason, they have not chosen to correct.

Why have they not corrected these imperfections before a new year arrives at their doorstep?  I don’t know…maybe because it would be hard to deliver.  Maybe it’s not a priority for some reason.

Maybe they just don’t wanna…

Which brings us back to my Ultimate New Years Resolution.

Okay, here it is…

I resolve, as of the new year, and for all the rest of my days, to be honest with myself about everything.  Period.

I’m not joining a gym because I don’t like the gym.  But I could probably walk with my friend two nights a week.

I’m not going on the Atkins diet or any other diet because I never stick with them.  But I could switch to a smaller smaller plate size at dinner.

I’m not going to call my mother on a schedule because I don’t feel comfortable with that…seems disingenuous.  But I can call her the day after her bridge club meets to catch up on how her friends are doing.

Sounds like an easy resolution, right?  Perhaps yes…perhaps no.

Happy New Year!  May it be a prosperous one filled with joy, accomplishment and discovery!



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