The Rare Championship Moments

They don’t come often.  In fact, in the entirety of Houston sports history there have been exactly….two.

I’m talking major professional sports.  Don’t talk to me about a B league hockey team, the WNBA, or a soccer franchise.  Please.

Two championships.  Thank you, Dream.

And so, I encourage the casual fan and the obsessed fan alike to drink this moment in and enjoy it.  Houston is not Boston where they host parades on the half hour to celebrate championships.  (Must lose their luster after awhile, right?).  Houston is not New York where the allure of the city and the media market attracts talent with cultural pizazz and ridiculous amounts of money making championships seem inevitable.

This is Houston.  Underestimated.  Under-appreciated.  Overlooked also ran.


Down go the Red Sox.  Down go the Yankees.  Down go the…

….stay tuned and have fun!

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