The One Big Thing

You may have all the skills.  You may have a fantastic resume.  You may be the greatest communicator the world has ever seen.  But if you want to lead you better know this…

…the one big thing.

Everybody on your team has one.  It might be a sick child.  It might be an aging parent.  It may be a college bound daughter.  It might be an obsessive hobby.  It could be anything at all…

…and I promise you everyone has one.  

If you are a leader and you have a team and you don’t know what the one big thing is for each of your direct reports you are missing an opportunity.

Knowing the one big thing doesn’t come with any responsibilities or tasks.  It doesn’t necessarily add any tasks to an already busy schedule.  It’s not a distraction.  It’s not a waste of time.

The Commodity of Time

It’s an investment.

Interest creates a connection.  That connection can change the calculus in a team members perception of you as a leader.  It reinforces your credibility as a leader who doesn’t view your team members as mere pawns in a game of chess.

You want people to follow you?  Make sure they know that you have been following THEM, paying attention, and are interested in their lives as human beings.  It’s a big thing…

…to know their one big thing.


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  1. I once enjoyed the company of a Household Queen whose kingdom included six children, a husband, and three of the children’s grandparents. In her case, as for most of us, the “one big thing” changed from day to day and hour to hour. The husband was known at work as a “family man.” The volatile details were private by choice.

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