The Happy Life – Faux Outrage

You say you are outraged.  But are you really?  Your level of discord seems a bit disproportionate.  I believe you may be exaggerating.

“We suffer more often in imagination than reality.”

That is a quote from Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a stoic Roman Philosopher about whom I know nothing else.  I’ve linked to his Wikipedia page if you are interested.

The quote, however, jumped off the page at me as I was considering this topic of Faux Outrage.

When I see what I believe to be Faux Outrage my immediate reaction is that the person expressing the outrage is pretending to be outraged at a particular level with the goal of causing some change to the status quo…without any real investment in a solution.

It’s mostly annoying.

But it occurs to me that my initial instinct on that may be misguided.  It could be that they are, in fact, as outraged as they say they are…but more in their imagination than reality.

In a world filled with easily accessible, free flowing information, coming at you like you are in a never ending game of dodgeball, controllable only to a certain degree, and all of it subject to one bias or another….

…how is the human mind supposed to NOT attach imaginary demons to everything we see and here?

Every piece of information we receive today comes from a particular point of view.  Every piece of information we distribute to others comes from OUR point of view.  None of that is unique to our time, of course.  However, what is unique to our time is the volume of information that our minds have to manage these days….

…as well as the number of outlets we have for receiving as well as widely distributing information.

I have to believe that we struggle, particularly the younger among us, to effectively discern between what to worry about and what not to worry about.  I think it’s a real consequence of the Information Age.

I should be outraged about it….and yet somehow I’m not.

Perhaps I’ll fake it.


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