The Happy Life – Daydream Time

This will be a familiar scene to most of you. There is a younger person trying to explain the value of the latest technology to an older person who doesn’t quite get it.

In this instance, the older person was my Dad and the technology was the mobile phone.  The younger person (self proclaimed ‘techie’) was any number of his 6 kids over a stretch of time. This was a few years back.

Dad:  Why should I have a cell phone?

Techie Kid: Convenience.

Dad: For example?

Techie Kid: Well, if you got a flat tire you could call for assistance.

Dad: I would just change the tire…..(smile).

Techie Kid: Well, what if you had a medical emergency?

Dad: Hasn’t been a problem in the first 70-80 years of my life….(smile).

Techie Kid:  Well, okay but….(getting annoyed). What if you were traveling and wanted to call me? If you had a cell phone you could!

Dad:  I travel to get away from you guys…..(smile).

Techie Kid: Okay smart aleck. What if I want to call you while you were on the road?

Dad: You mean you could call me anytime you want?

Techie: Yes!

Dad:  Hmmm….some of my best daydreaming time is when I’m driving. I’m a very popular guy…(smile). If you and the rest of the world can call me anytime…when will I get to daydream?

And there it is….”when will I get to daydream?”

Technology is great…and it is a privilege to be living during this time of incredible innovation and advancement. But for every ying there is a yang.  And a big yang these days is the dramatic reduction in the time we all spend daydreaming or just thinking.

I once heard a speaker suggest that everyone should take some time during their day to just stop and “think” for 30 minutes to an hour. Turn off the screens, phones, podcasts, music, etc…..and just think without distraction.

I’ve done this a few times and I need to do it more. What comes out of it for me is usually a more productive day, sometimes a completely reorganized set of priorities, and always a clearer sense of purpose, a more intentional approach to whatever it is I am focusing on at that time.

So stop working, put your feet up, and do some daydreaming for awhile…and if one of those cell phone carrying techies comes by and interrupts you….

…just smile.


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3 Replies to “The Happy Life – Daydream Time”

  1. I’m smiling, I’m thinking and I’m day dreaming………good for me! But, I still need/like my technology. Am I bad?


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