The Deshaun Watson Experience

Over the years when I’ve dreamt about the Texans winning I have envisioned a team with a quarterback like they have in New England or Green Bay.  I’ve often wondered what that would be like.

Are we seeing the first few games of a guy who is heading into that kind of rarified air?

The Texans first season was 2002.  Their first quarterback was selected #1 overall, David Carr.  He never had a chance really.  There wasn’t much talent around him.  Matt Schaub was the second legitimate quarterback for this team.  He put up strong numbers but he was a system quarterback in the Kubiak offense.  He was not particularly athletic and did not bring anything exceptional to the position.  The Texans were never really going anywhere with Schaub playing quarterback.

There are a dozen or so other quarterbacks you could name (most during the Bill O’Brien era) but why would you? It would be a waste of space.

Deshaun Watson has now played in 3 1/2 games.  He inherited a bad situation in week #1.  Loss.

He got a short week to prep for a road game in week #2.  Win.

He got a road game against the defending Super Bowl champions for week  #3.  Loss…close loss, but not from lack of quality QB play.  Lesson learned?  The Texans can play with the Patriots with Watson under center.

Finally, he gets a home game with a full week of prep to take on the team most pick to win the division.  Win….57-14 win.  Complete domination.

A few short months ago he was winning the college football National Championship.  A short time after that his college coach said “if you pass on Deshaun Watson, you are passing on Michael Jordan.”

I’m not sure but I get the sense that this kid might be able to play some football.


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