The Curious Ones

How is it that flocks of birds can fly in such tight formations and rarely run into each other?  Who are the most influential of the ancient philosophers?  How exactly does the Internet work?  And why DO fools fall in love?

I don’t know.

But I hope to know.  And there it is.  It’s not the knowing necessarily….it’s the potential for knowing.  One could never know everything, of course.  Some folks are more learned than others for sure.  Almost all folks are more learned than me.  But I’m not here to admire the knowledgeable or admonish the ignorant.

Instead I rise in celebration of the curious!

Isn’t that what really drives everything forward?  We are all at some point on the spectrum of acquired knowledge and I think it is fair to say that society has a tendency to value individuals based on their location on that spectrum.  We test.  We inquire about level of education.  We want to know what kind of experience one has.

Seeking The Essential

All very reasonable metrics.  But none of these metrics tell me the degree to which one has  a “natural curiousity” about the world around them….and I think that has real value.  Possibly even more value than some of these other metrics in some cases.

When does curiousity disappear?  Does it disappear?  Does curiousity come and go throughout life or is it steady, predictable and measurable?  How would you measure curiousity?  Is it dependent on other factors like available time and age?  How does it develop?  Is there a genetic component or is it learned?  Are folks with higher levels of curiousity more or less accomplished than those with lower levels?

I’m curious about curiousity.  Aren’t you?


6 Replies to “The Curious Ones”

  1. I’m curious about curiosity too! I teach our people in training to be curious about the customer. It makes our interactions so much more interesting and engaging and productive. This is true in daily life. I appreciate your curiosity about curiosity.

  2. I am curious, every second, every minute, every hour, every day and so on. I never believed that curiosity killed the cat, if that were true, this cat would have been gone a long time ago. I believe being curious is being more knowledgeable. So……being curious is being smarter. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. It took me a long time to understand that when a seemingly smart person (like, has fancy degrees, etc) does not seem smart to me, what I’m really seeing is that they’re incurious. In that sense I think curiosity, always wanting to learn new things, is more important that “IQ” or whatever.

    PS: “And still I am learning.”

  4. How boring life would be without curiosity . Without curiosity how does one continue to grow a learn? Something peaks my interest. I must know more. Just a year ago I was curious if I could paint
    like my Mother and Gram… huh. Turns out I can. And I enjoy it.
    Curiosity for me drives me to learn and know more. I am not
    satisfied to think well they taught me “This” so it must be all I need to know in life. I think I will be curious for the rest of my life. Keeps this journey interesting !

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