Texans Analysis – The Sin Is Not The Losing

They are not good.  That is not a surprise,  This is one of those years when a team gets decimated by injuries.  The season was over the day Deshaun Watson tore his ACL.  But that’s not the real problem.

The problem is that every team, this one in particular, has to be ready to leverage a situation like this by developing young talent.

The Texans have their quarterback.  He’s recovering from surgery.  But they have only had that guy since the draft in April.  Before the draft the Texans had spent the previous 15 years in search of an answer at quarterback….

….the most critical position in all of sports some say.

So you would expect this team would have young, raw quarterbacks running around all over the place….just waiting for their chance to get a few reps and develop some skills in the hopes that some  can ascend to NFL glory.  A plethora of young prospects being evaluated in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, one of them might surprise with some real ability.

But no…the Texans have no such thing.

Their version of that is Savage.  He is in his 4th year and is in way over his head.  It is concerning that this is the guy our talent evaluators pegged as the starter in week #1.  He no longer qualifies as young talent.

So who else is on the roster?

TJ Yates….a Texans hero in previous seasons who helped uber talented Texans squads squeak by when we had a rash of injuries at the QB position.  This squad, or what is left of it, is NOT Uber talented.  Yates cannot help here and is not a young prospect.

Josh Johnson…has been around for a few years, rarely plays, and is not a young talent.

And then there’s Braxton Miller, former college quarterback  brought in to develop as a receiver, not a quarterback.  He is not a quarterback.

So for the next 7 games there are a TON of precious NFL reps available to use to develop a quarterback….and instead they will be used to fill up the photo albums of three guys who will not be playing QB for the Texans beyond this season.

THAT is the sin….not the losing.

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