Texans Analysis: Post Watt / Mercilus

So the universe said “You have to make a choice.  You cannot have both an offense and a defense.”

I choose offense.

Not really.  You can have both and I actually think the Texans have a reasonably good shot at a strong campaign this season despite having lost DE JJ Watt and OLB Whitney Mercilus in the span of just a few minutes on Sunday night.

Since unveiling the new quarterback, the routinely boring and low scoring Texans offense has put up big point totals against the Belicick led Patriots defense (33), the Dick LeBeau led Titans defense (57) and the Bob Sutton led Chiefs defense (34).  These are considered some of the best defensive minds in the pro game.  They routinely slice up rookie quarterbacks.  Now, to be fair, the Texans are 1-2 against those guys over the last three weeks…. it sure ain’t from lack of scoring.

Landry Locker of Sportstadio610 reports that Deshaun Watson, after 4 starts, is 7th all time for TD passes in franchise history.  That’s how different this stretch has been for this team.

So, sure, the Texans have taken two painful injury losses in a short period of time.  No doubt about that.  But I’m here to argue that the new offensive production means that less is needed from the defense to produce wins.  A stop here and there, better production on third down, the occasional turnover.  There are some talented young players on the defensive side of the ball that are going to get opportunities now.

Promotion occurs when preparedness meets opportunity.

Meet Dylan Cole, Carlos Watkins…and a host of other players you are unfamiliar with….as am I.

There are pleasant surprises coming.  You wait and see.



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