Texans Analysis – Good Timing Browns

No offense to the Browns but they are not, uh…..good.  In fact they are reliably bad.  This has been true for almost all of the Superbowl era….

….and that is just what the beat up Texans needed.  A little low risk, high reward football.  A little confidence booster for some young, inexperienced players who needed something to hang their hats on as they head into the bye week without many of their veteran starters.

The defense had a good day against the hapless Browns allowing just one offensive score of note, really.  The Browns scored 10 of their 17 points on defense (pick 6) and with a nice special teams return run that set up a field goal.  So the Texans defense gave up one touchdown late.

Now, having said that, these were the Browns.

But hey, that’s what this team needed.  Next week is the bye week.  This comes at a VERY good time because the Texans need to re-tool their team for the next 10 games.  They came into the season as a strong defensive squad hoping for some improvement on offense while they developed a rookie quarterback.

Today, they are a prolific offensive team with what is an increasingly very young and inexperienced defensive squad that you just hope can hold on.

And while I am tempted to say that I don’t really care about the ultimate outcome of this particular season (because we finally have a quarterback)…when I look around the division I suddenly realize that we are actually in pretty good shape in the AFC South at this stage of the season.

We have a pretty good chance of winning the division.  The Titans are a bit of a mess without Mariota and even when he gets back he is unlikely to stay healthy.  The Colts have no Luck so far…..literally.  And the Jaguars are attempting to hide their quarterback issues inside a scheme that uses very few pass plays.  That’s cute but will get you nowhere in the NFL.

If the Texans make it to the playoffs they will likely be playing on the road having lost to both their conference rivals, the Chiefs and Patriots early.

So the bye brings rest for the players and a chance to re-write the script for the coaches and personnel guys.

Keep developing that quarterback….develop, develop, develop….and keep him healthy!  As for the rest of it…

…when you have a quarterback it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.



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