Sports Should Be Arrested…

…because it tried to kill me this week.

The up and down roller coaster ride of the World Series against the Dodgers, combined with the fact that some of these games ended quite late, followed by post game shows that cannot be missed (when the Astros won)…

(jab, jab, left hook to the body)

…left me and much of Houston exhausted.

Then I made a bad decision on the morning of Game 7.  I got up early to work out.  It was a dumb move.  I did it because I have been missing a lot of workouts lately (World Series fatigue) and I was worried that I was losing the “habit” of a morning workout.  I am not…I’m just up late at night watching baseball….which is new to my schedule.

(jab, jab)

So that Game 7 morning workout was a waste of time because I was exhausted.  And now, in addition to wasting time on that workout I had deprived myself of much needed sleep.

I yawned the day away…and got through about five innings  of game 7 and turned my back to the game to rest my eyes….

(jab, jab, uppercut, body blow)

…and when they opened again George Springer was being interviewed by the Hall of Fame analysts with a series MVP trophy in tow.  And that’s okay because I am ecstatic they won and I DVR’d the game.  I’m a little bleary eyed but, like a fool, I rewind the game to watch what I missed.

(This is happening at like 1am in the morning....jab, jab, right left right to the body)

I get maybe part of one inning watched and I’m out again.  Luckily, I’ve taken the next day off…but alas it is for the purpose of taking care of some veterinary appointments for our herd (2) of pups.  Another early morning.  By mid-afternoon we are done with the pup appointments and I am mercifully now free to get some sleep.

(hook, jab, jab, hook)

I lay my head on the pillow and begin to drift off to sleep…when I get a text notification from Kat that…DeshaunWatson has a torn ACL.

(THUNDEROUS RIGHT CROSS and….”Down goes Frazier!  Down goes Frazier….8, 9, 10!  KNOCKOUT!!!)

There needs to be an indictment because sports made an attempt on my life this week.

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