Something Lost in an All or Nothing World

The other day I was listening to my favorite sports show on the drive into the office and someone said something like this….

”They aren’t going to win the championship this year so what’s the point?”

For some reason that question really rang a bell for me.  What is the point?  We compete to win, right?  And so, it follows that if you aren’t going to win there is really no point in competing.

That’s a significant shift in our cultural thinking.  And, in my opinion, it is such a grave mistake.

I have a colleague who manages the local Little League organization.  Ask him what some of his biggest challenges are in managing that league and he will give you a list that mostly revolves around parents who believe that little Johnny is the next Roger Clemens or Jose Altuve….

…and if the league isn’t “All In” on getting Johnny to the big leagues than they are pulling him out!

I remember when College bowl games used to be more prestigious.  These days if you aren’t the National Champion then your coach has some explaining to do.

I remember when getting an “A” in class meant that you were among the best students.  In our current world of grade inflation an “A” sounds more like a baseline.  This comes as bad news for this solid “C” student.

If you can’t enjoy something in a sporting event without a championship….

If you can’t find something to enjoy in watching your kid learn the game of baseball with all the gracefulness of a wounded ostrich…

If you can’t appreciate something in the hard work it takes for some folks to get that “C” without re-labeling it an “A grade, non-honors, remedial, Excellence in Effort category”….

…then you probably never had a shot of ever having it all anyway.

In an “All or Nothing” world give me the nothing…

…because there is, indeed, something there.



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