Remnants of Harvey Still Felt on Local Businesses

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast in the last few days of August 2017.  The damage done by that storm to the city of Houston has been well documented.  Today life is more or less back to some degree of normalcy for most citizens.

That is certainly true for my family.  We were among the lucky ones whose homes were not damaged by the storm.  It was close…but the water stopped rising just in time.

We were “six bricks” away from disaster.

Harvey – Six Bricks

One of the lasting impacts on our part of the city has been the closure of many of the businesses that were decimated locally.  Many were small businesses that will never return.  Several were big box stores that went through major rehabs to bring themselves back to full operational status.

The local Home Depot got wiped out but was among the first big box stores to get back up and running.  That makes sense as there was heavily increased demand for their goods after this event and their storefront operation is basically a giant warehouse and perhaps a little easier to restore.

The local Costco just got back up and running in the last couple weeks.  Their story is interesting in that they only opened up a few years ago at this particular location and had famously built up the elevation on the foundation before construction.  That build up triumphantly helped them survive a flood that happened a year or so before Harvey.  Sadly, it wasn’t close to helping them get past Harvey.

The local Petsmart and Bed Bath and Beyond are still not open but appear to be actively working toward that goal.  The same is true of the local Target.

These are heavy traffic businesses in our area.  The loss of operational availability is felt by the locals.

So, predictably, as is the case with every natural disaster I suppose, the news cycle keeps on cycling on to other news six months after the rains stopped…

…but the remnants of the storm linger on.


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