Lay off the Millennials, Gramps…

Look here, Grandpa….I’m getting tired of listening to my contemporaries bad mouth the Millennials!

We digitally shout “Get off my lawn!” as we see example after example of young people doing what young people do….i.e. make mistakes.  It happens.  It is part of the glory of youth!

We made mistakes. We devalued the advantages of being young. We were more idealistic than perhaps we should have been.  We had less vision than our elders wanted. Certainly less understanding.  We were young with all the trappings that are implied.  We were fine.

It was not fine with our parents though. It was frustrating for them. “Kids today….no work ethic, they don’t understand the value of a dollar, what’s with the long stringy hair? I have half a mind to….blah, blah, blah.”

Who raised these monsters, anyway?

So history repeats itself.   Shocker.  But this time there’s a twist….

The Millennials are the first generation to grow up in an age when the generation before them have a social media platform that is tailor made for whining about the young folk and their crazy ways.

Listen, I’m not arguing that the Millennials are perfect. They are far from it.  Do they have their problems?  You’re damn right they do.

But they are also far better equipped to leverage the coming century than people my age (54) and older. They have grown up in…and are very comfortable with…a world that changes fast……which means they can adapt quickly.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the importance of being able to adapt quickly today and in the days to come.  The velocity of change is increasing exponentially.

Some say they are very internally focused, one might say selfish.  Uh,…true of every generation in their youth, with the possible exception of those who saved the world fighting in WWII.  And that, it seems, was perhaps mostly a consequence of circumstance and timing.  They were fighting for their lives and the lives of their families.

Listen…don’t make me choose between a team of Millennials and a team of people my age. You might get your feelings hurt.

Who raised these monsters anyway?  Oh yes, now I remember….that was us, Gramps.

Now where did I leave my glasses….

(What are your thoughts about the Millennials?  And if you are a Millenial…well then come to my rescue before the geezers eat me alive in the comment section!)

2 Replies to “Lay off the Millennials, Gramps…”

  1. I was born in 1932 so I’ve seen a few generations pass by. Yours is not the first generation to be critical of the generation coming of age. Yes, the velocity of change in the tech world is faster, but horseless carriages, radio and TV did not pop up out of mushrooms. The WWII generation made us safer for a little while, not because they were inherently special, but scared stiff and drafted to fight a war of survival. I don’t see the world of today as safer than pre-Pearl Harbor. That event cost us 470,000 KIAs (killed in action). Robotic cats in nursing homes are a step forward, but avoiding WWIII is pretty important too. Meantime, teach those millennials still living at home to please make their own beds. Every little bit helps.

  2. I agree about the WWII generation. They did great things….but they didn’t really have a choice! Their very existence was threatened. Today we don’t feel that threatened. That could change in the blink of an eye, right?

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