I Am NOT A Dog Person….okay?

Listen, I’ve got no beef with the doggies of the world.  I’m just not a doggie person.  That’s all.

In the spring of 1988 my wife and son were coming from Texas to join me at my first duty station, Fort Lewis, WA.  I moved out of the barracks (where all the single soldiers live) and into a small temporary housing bungalow on post with the family while we searched for a home to rent.

When my wife and son first arrived from Texas I did a quick inventory and discovered that my family had expanded by four legs and a tail while I wasn’t looking.

Sheena, a buff cocker spaniel, was her name and she was a handful of a puppy.

This beast was a problem for me.  First of all, it was made very clear to me that pets were not allowed in these temporary quarters under any circumstances.

Second of all, I did not grow up with dogs.  I grew up in a large family of six kids.  My folks brought a dog home once and it lasted just a few days.  We were all scared to death of this collection of teeth and claws.  It was a “ferocious” beagle as I recall.

Meanwhile, back at the temporary quarters, on our first night together I got out of bed to make a midnight stroll to the bathroom in complete darkness and was treated to a squishy something between my toes.  I froze in my tracks and called to my wife, Kat, not happy.  Then I took another step and got a matching treatment for my other foot.  Kat could not contain her laughter.

From that day forward (4 cocker spaniels later so far) I have always referred to these beasts as my wife’s dogs.  I refer to them as the “mangey, fleabag mutts” because, you see, I’m not really a dog person.

“I’m not really a dog person.”

My wife thinks that is hilarious.  She correctly points out that I have lived with dogs for almost 30 years…that this represents more than half my life…that I have spent countless hours at vet appointments, dog training classes, taking the dogs out to “potty” and for walks, etc.

“Yes” I say…”but that’s because I want to keep YOU around and happy.”

I say all that to say this.

Okay, I might be a dog person.

But don’t tell my wife.

10 Replies to “I Am NOT A Dog Person….okay?”

  1. What th–Dutch was a black lab puppy and I wasn’t scared of him! Although I was baffled by him and had no idea how to care for him. I felt sad we failed him and he disappeared. Never thought of myself as a dog person either until just the past couple of years. Dogs: cats that can come with you outside! I am now interested.

    1. Dutch?!? The beast had a name?!? I mostly remember teeth and claws….and staring at him through the window in the living room while he roared viciously (read that as ‘cried to come in the house’) from the backyard.

      I’ve never spent time with a cat…they are a mystery to me. Odd considering the family name.

  2. Oh my gosh, you guys are awesome! My husband needs to read this post Ken 😂😉. I am glad I finally found a minute to read one!

      1. We both grew up with dogs and have had them as a couple as well, but he has enjoyed not having to take care of one for the last five years. I have purchased a puppy that we are surprising our boys with on Friday. My husband’s stance is “if she poops gold she will be worth it”. Haha, I hope she doesn’t disappoint him!

  3. When we first met and then we decided to marry you were not a dog person. I knew the only way to have a dog is to just do it. That opportunity came when you went to basic training. I know I didn’t play fair. John and I needed a dog. We were so excited to get Sheena. She really made life fun for us. Especially while you were gone in the field. She and John were best buddies. I knew you were hooked when Sheena would sleep on your pillow up by your head. (You didn’t make her move). Our second girl Magic was a true fighter. All the health issues and she was just fearless. We now have our third and fourth. (Roxie & Frosty) These two are like two peas in a pod. They keep me going from day to day, I laugh more. They have my heart. I don’t know life without a dog, or two or even three. I grew up with dogs. They make life so much more rewarding.
    You are a dog person. You love them just as much as they love you!

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