Houston Texans Line Offensive

In keeping with our era of faux outrage….I am “offended” by the Texans offensive line.  Although in fairness, I think they are closer to material improvement in this area than you might think.

Before the season began I speculated that the Texans offense would be better than last year for three reasons:

  1. Upgraded QB play
  2. Another year of seasoning for our young receivers
  3. Upgraded Offensive Line Play

Let’s focus on that last one.  My argument was (and still is) that our offensive line will be better than last year because Martin is back from injury at Center.  His replacement last year, Mancz, played well last year and will upgrade one of the guard spots.  That’s 40% of your line getting better.

A couple things happened on the road to that improvement.  LT Duane Brown held out…..unusual these days for a player to do that with two years left on his contract.  And then the coaches didn’t start Mancz for some reason.

This week against the Bengals they fixed the Mancz mistake and he played pretty well.  So from my perspective you have serviceable players at center and right guard.  You have a pro bowl LT holding out that will (in my opinion) get tired of giving away half a million a week on principle.  I think we see his return or see him traded before week 3.  If he returns or is traded for a serviceable LT this position will be better.  Better than it is today at least.  I think he reports.

That would leave us with big holes at left guard and right tackle.  If Brown reports at LT that will improve (but not resolve) the play at LG.

Mix in a run heavy offense (to de-emphasize major pass protection issues) and a rookie running back from Texas who is going to surprise some people in the coming weeks (in my opinion) and now you’ve got something.

Hold on defense…..help is on its way!

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