Harvey – One Story of Many

My family lives on the north side of Houston on the border between two suburbs called Spring and Humble.  (Humble is pronounced with a silent “H”…as in “Umble”.  Pronounce it as it is spelled and you immediately identify yourself as an out-of-towner).  Our neighborhood is directly north of Bush Intercontinental Airport…one of two major airports in Houston.  North is generally where you want to be when hurricane season arrives.

During Harvey being north was not enough to avoid the wrath.  We were down to 6 bricks before the rising waters stopped rising.  Click 6 bricks if you aren’t sure what that means.  

It will mean something to us for some time.

The people on our street were very lucky and did not get water in their houses generally.  It was REALLY close, however, and some of the surrounding areas were not so lucky.

About 10 years ago an extension to our neighborhood was built a short 5 minute walk from our house.  
The homes were newer, not extravagant, but tempting.  We considered purchasing a home there.  We did some touring around the area today to see how everyone fared.  These picture are what we saw in that newer section a short 5 minutes from our home.

I think one of the things  that I would say about this is that the nature of flooding is that parts of it are predictable and parts of it are not.

What is the elevation of your home?  Predictable.

What is the proximity to a creek or drainage system.  Predictable but also potentially changing as development occurs.

What were the historic water levels for flooding events in the  area?  Knowable but records are being broken in recent years.

The north side of Houston is going through a growth spurt recently…mostly related to the completion of a section of freeway called the Grand Parkway.  This is the third and latest loop around Houston and every time one is built business booms around it as you would expect.

That loop and all the new concrete associated with it makes the flooding in the area less predictable.  And now that it just got tested from a drainage standpoint it will be interesting to see how it all shook out.


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