Harvey Observations

The story of Hurricane Harvey is still playing out as I write these words.  Keep those in his path in your thoughts and prayers.  He has been no less than devastating for those along the Gulf Coast of Texas.  As the days go by you will be treated to stories and pictures from this weather event that will be difficult to imagine.

But for the moment I offer a few personal observations.

Connectivity –

It has been remarkable to me just how many people have reached out to express concern or offer assistance and shelter.  My family and I are lucky in that we have lots of family and friends looking out for us from all over the country.  But you don’t fully appreciate just how many folks are keeping tabs on you until the big one hits.

Chapters –

We all have characters in our lives who come from various chapters in our life story.  When the big one hits they suddenly start coming out of the woodwork to check in on you and lend a hand if possible.  Or maybe just to make sure that you are okay…and not one of the folks on the national news floating down the bayou!  We’ve heard from every family member, friends old and new, colleagues old and new….and a few folks with whom we have briefly crossed paths who suddenly, magically really, re-appear in our lives to say…”you okay?”

Texas Tough –

Our local Kroger impressively opened up on Monday to make themselves available to the neighborhood.  There was an hour wait in line,  outside the store in the rain, to go in and snag some food and supplies which are likely to get more scarce in the days to come.  I stood with my fellow Texans in that rain….most of us without umbrellas (not anticipating that kind of wait outside).  Didn’t hear anything that sounded like complaining in any of the multitude of languages being spoken.  As our part of the line got close to a section of awning that provided relief from the rain I offered to an elderly Asian lady behind me the opportunity to get out of the rain before me.  She wasn’t having it.  Tough.  Texas tough.

Final Chapter –

The final chapter of this Harvey story will not be written for some time.  Between now and then there will be more tragedy and unhappiness….perhaps even for us personally though I hope not and am unapologetically optimistic about our situation.

So thank you for all the good wishes, the offers of support, shelter, but mostly the good wishes.  They are very much appreciated…not just by my family but by all the folks ‘getting through it’ down here.

And know that, if you are like us, you have an army of folks who are looking out for you and have your back when the stuff hits the fan.

They’re out there…..watching, monitoring, checking…and when the big one hits….they’ll come running.

…even if you are Texas Tough.

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  1. K.W. Catmull raised some tough children. A few people asked me if I had family in Houston and, if so, we’re they okay? I told them I did, and that they are equipped with keen survival skill instincts and some of the toughest, mentally strong people that I know. I was confident that if things were bad in a Catmull neighborhood, a Catmull would be leading the rescue effort. Mother Nature ain’t no joke though, so I am glad you all are okay. “When it’s getting to tough for everyone else, it’s getting juuuuust right for us. ” -KW Catmull

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