Harvey – 1st World Hurricane

(Written from the epicenter of Hurricane Harvey’s path, Houston.)

So the rains fall, the winds whip, and the cameras roll…

…and then the rain stops, the winds settle, and the camera crews leave.

Enter the insurance companies, the lawyers, the scam artists and a return to late summer heat and humidity in Houston, TX.

Heck, their ought to be disaster relief from the heat and humidity alone!  (I kid.)

All of that sounds disastrous and devastating.  And let’s not kid ourselves…it sucks.  It more than sucks in some cases.

But consider this….down here on the Gulf Coast in the United States we are 1st Worlders.  We live lives of great wealth and comfort relative to many other places in the world.  Many of the folks on the lower end of the income scale in this country are immigrants who send much of what they earn home to their 3rd World family members.  1st World poor feeding 3rd World poor.  So when a hurricane hits our community it can be devastating financially and emotionally…

…and then a year or so down the road all or most of the pieces are put back together again.

But when something like this storm (or even much smaller) hits a 3rd world community the impact is not a year or two.  It can change the path of families and communities for generations.  Think Haiti.

Support disaster relief organizations  like The Red Cross?  Absolutely.  Work on innovative solutions to the Climate Change puzzle?  Sure.  But if you really want to help people in easily measurable and clearly effective terms….

….make them 1st World, not 3rd World Hurricane victims.

Houston will be fine…big picture.  Wouldn’t it be great if this were true worldwide?  That’s what I would target…

….but what do I know.

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