The Happy Life – Grateful for Gratitude

Seperate and apart from any “outrage” on the subject of the subjugation of indigenous people, etc…

….I like the fact that we have a holiday to celebrate gratitude.

The Happy Life – Magic Word

And unless you are a turkey you should like it too because gratitiude strikes me as one of those emotions that gives more than it takes.  I believe we are connected emotionally with the people with whom we interact.  Anger, sadness, dismay and outrage, for example, can have a negative impact on your network of folks.

But gratitude reflects well on you, makes those around you more likely to be thankful, and can inspire more positive thinking and behavior.

Gratitude is a net positive emotion.

I am thankful to live in a country that celebrates it.  I am grateful for freedom.  I am grateful for opportunity.  I am grateful for choice.  I appreciate that food, shelter and clothing are resources where I have a menu of options but no worries about the next meal, home or set of clothes.

And I  hope that gratitude comes through and touches my network of friends and family because…

….I’m grateful for them too.

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