Getting to the Substance of the Pizza

You know what they say about first impressions, of course.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing against the value of a good first impression.  Particularly when it involves pizza.  However…

…get me to the substance, please.

We like the occasional pizza in the Catmull household.  And it just so happens that my wife and I have some experience running pizza operations in our sordid pasts.  So, you know, we have an understanding of the challenges.

Unless we are out and about we usually get our pizza from the local Papa Johns outfit.  My wife will place the order online and I’ll go pick it up.  We don’t do delivery because the pizza sometimes has a rough or slow trip to the door resulting in a lesser quality pie.  Let’s call it what it is…

…I am my wife’s favorite delivery driver.

So one day I arrive to snag our pizza pie at the local Papa Johns and up to the counter strolls a flour covered, green-haired, heavily tattooed, nose ring lady.

”Did you call in an order, sir?”

Turns out the pizza just came out of the oven.  Good quality.   Hot and delicious.  Fair price.  On time and on target as we used to say in the artillery world.  And as I turn to leave I get a…

”Thank you, sir!”

Have it YOUR way, weirdo…

Now here’s the thing.  In the pizza universe there is a lot of turnover.  Drivers come and go.  Cooks come and go.  Managers come and go.  And often times when you are talking about a franchise operation like Papa Johns it’s not unusual to see managers move around from store to store.

So Ms. Green Hair comes and goes in our lives.  Sometimes  she is there and sometimes she is not.  What is also true is that the quality of the operation comes and goes with her.  The quality doesn’t slide so much that we would stop buying from this store….

…but there is a measurable difference in the quality of the product.

If I had no other metric by which to judge my pizza maker other than first impression she would probably not be my choice.  But now…..I’m hoping to be lucky enough to get the green-haired lady.

First impressions are important but get me to the substance as quickly as possible, please.


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