Fully Involved Sandwich

I wrote about a trend in restaurants that I really like.  I like that some restaurants are allowing you to customize your entree.  Here’s something I noticed the other day that I don’t like…and I hope doesn’t become a trend!

I dont like restaurants choosing to use “hip” theme-oriented language for simple menu choices.  I recently had a post on how ordering a cup of coffee for my wife was more difficult than calling a play in the NFL!

Tom Brady Coffee

Now this happened….

I was out and about and my wife texted me a sandwich order from a place called Firehouse Subs.  If you are not familiar with it the theme is….Firehouses.  There’s lots of reminders in the restaurant about how they support first responders and so forth.  It’s kind of cool.

So I get this text from my wife about a club sandwich and she says she would like it “fully involved”.  Now I have been married to my wife for over 30 years and not once have I heard her refer to a sandwich as “fully involved”.

What the heck is a “fully involved” sandwich?

If your sandwich isn’t fully involved does that mean it is a half-hearted sandwich?  Is it somehow cheating on you like there might already be a bite missing?  Is it a sandwich that lacks commitment?

I googled the term and it turns out that it is used in the firehouse business to describe a fire that is burning in all the main rooms of a structure.  And you can probably guess what it means in the context of a sandwich.

All of which is quite charming and educational…

…but I’m not sure I need my lunch to come with a homework assignment.




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