For Granted

Partial list of the things I (and by “I” of course I mean “we”) take for granted:

Mobile Phone – Easy one, right?  It wasn’t that long ago we didn’t have them.  Now, if it breaks it’s like you have been set to sea without a sail.

Electricity – You know how when the power goes out there’s that background hum that goes away…that you didn’t even know was there until it wasn’t?

Indoor Plumbing  – If you haven’t ever been camping (real camping, like backwoods stuff) where the only hat tip to bathroom facilities is a good shovel…you should try it if only to fully appreciate the technology behind indoor plumbing.

Medical Care – Ever heard about how we live so much longer these days?  How long do YOU plan to live?  I wonder if you have talked to a doctor about that lately.

Food – When I was a kid they opened a Jack in the Box down the street from my neighborhood.  My buddy and I used to figure out a way to scrape together enough coins to buy a small fry or two.  I GPS’d it today.  That was a 1.3 mile walk one way.  We loved it.  Today the fridge probably has tastier stuff in it than those fries.  I GPS’d it….27 feet.

Fuel – It is a rare thing in this country to have fuel shortage concerns….until a natural disaster hits.  Then everything seems contingent on fuel!

Jobs – A good job becomes routine…until you no longer have it.  Define “good” however you want.  Lots of variables to consider.

Pets – They are pesky, sometimes smelly, they are a chore, and on occasion delightful.  But they are simply one color in the tapestry of life….until they are gone.  And then you realize that they were much more than just a color, perhaps more like a part of the fabric of your life.

People – Similar to pets….but taller.

Time – There is always tomorrow until there isn’t.

What did I miss?

4 Replies to “For Granted”

  1. Internet- The Information Highway. How many times have you heard “Google it” to solve a debate or to answer “who said…? who invented…? when did..? what is a…? etc” in the last 20 years?

    1. You are correct.

      It’s funny….I was thinking about what “research papers” were like when I was in High School just the other day for no good reason. In those days it was all about finding a source of information in a library somewhere. Now everyone is walking around with essentially the almost complete record of human history in their pocket and available on demand. I’m not even sure how relevant libraries are now.

      If we have any librarian readers I’d love to know the answer to that question.

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