Failures Ally and the Obstacle to Accomplishment

There is this massive obstacle preventing me from accomplishing my goals.  For years this mysterious force has stood between me and the accomplishment of every goal I’ve ever failed to achieve.

It’s really quite a powerful force.  No matter how thoroughly I think through the steps necessary to get me from point A to point B…I sometimes just seem stuck.  It will not allow me to advance.

And now I know why.

Most of the time when I’m stuck in neutral and can’t seem to move a project forward or goal another inch this singular barrier is the reason why.

And now I know it’s name.


It manifests itself in the form of distraction, lack of focus on the core issue, illusions of walls and obstructions.  This obstacle plays with the mind and twists reality into something that is all together fantasy.  It creates adversaries where there are none.

But now I know its game.

It saps confidence.  It will convince me that failure is something other than failure.  It will rationalize that unfinished business should be considered in its proper context.  That it’s no big deal.

…but it is a big deal.

My goals are important.  I don’t set goals frivolously.  I set them for a reason.  When I set them it is because whatever that goal is has value to me.

The Essential Sleep

And you know what?  Truth be told nobody else really cares that much about my goals.  They have their own goals to worry about.  So when I fail to achieve my goals the only person really hurt by that…

…is me.

And that is convenient because “me” happens to be the obstacle of which I speak.  Achieving my goals so often comes down to me winning an argument with myself regarding whether I am capable of accomplishing a goal….narrowing my focus to just the essentials.

The truth hurts….and it helps.





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