Customer Service “IT” Factor

This is big.  It can move mountains.  It is the difference between being just another provider of customer service and being….

…the gold standard.

You intuitively know what I’m talking about.  You have seen it.  You’ve experienced it.  If I asked you for examples you’d be able to rattle off two or three right off the top of your head.

“Who ‘gets it’ in the customer service world, Ken?”

Oh, that’s an easy one.  Thank you for asking.  Companies that get it?  Southwest Airlines, Disney, Chic Fil A…  People that get it?  That dude in the window at Starbucks on FM 1960, the woman I talked to at American Express the other day, the manager at the Subway I frequent who knows what sandwich I’m going to order and starts making it the moment she sees me drive up….

So what is the thing that they know that their competitors and counterparts don’t know?  What is the top secret Customer Service Trick that sets them apart and gets them on the intuitive list in our heads that we can all rattle off so easily?


It’s as simple as that….and more elusive than you might think.

Here it is.  Here’s what customers want.  Listen carefully.  Are you ready?  Pay attention.  They want….

…the same thing YOU want.

They want a solution to the problem…and even more importantly, a problem solver who cares as much about getting it solved as the customer does.

They want someone who is SINCERELY invested in seeing it through to the end.  And if the end means that the problem can’t be solved….they want someone who is fearless and courageous in communicating the limits of what can be done….no matter what.  Someone who won’t waste their time spinning it.

Everyone in your industry is likely selling essentially the same thing.

Phones are phones.  Couches are couches.  Apartments are apartments.  Coffee is coffee.  So what’s the difference?  What is the differentiator?  Why go here and not there to purchase a phone, a couch, an apartment or a cup of coffee?

It comes down to YOU. 

Not part of you.  Not a ‘version’ of you.  The real you.  The authentic you.  All of you.  The whole enchilada.

But you can only be “the difference” if you truly, earnestly, honestly, SINCERELY, want to get it right for the customer.

Not everybody does, frankly…and if that’s you then you need to get into another line of work.  It doesn’t mean you are a bad person but you cannot be the gold standard in a customer service role if you are not committed to solving the problem, providing the service, answering the question, etc.

The sincere you….that’s enough.  But you’ve got to mean it.  Seriously, if you don’t then start looking for a different role because to be the best in customer service, to be the gold standard…you MUST care.  It has to matter to you.  And if it does then here is the opportunity….

….because that’s more than your customer is getting across the street.  I promise you.  Be the gold standard.

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