Bag Stealin’ Jack-Wagon!

You will not believe this story.

I was in the middle of an exceptionally heavy travel season at work.  I’m talking about being on the road for the better part of the month for several months in a row.  It was rather exhausting.

Then one night I was getting off a flight somewhere in America (not home, I think it was Charlotte) and I reached into the overhead bin for my bag….only to discover that some “jack-wagon” had taken my bag by mistake! Continue reading “Bag Stealin’ Jack-Wagon!”

I Am NOT A Dog Person….okay?

Listen, I’ve got no beef with the doggies of the world.  I’m just not a doggie person.  That’s all.

In the spring of 1988 my wife and son were coming from Texas to join me at my first duty station, Fort Lewis, WA.  I moved out of the barracks (where all the single soldiers live) and into a small temporary housing bungalow on post with the family while we searched for a home to rent.

When my wife and son first arrived from Texas I did a quick inventory and discovered that my family had expanded by four legs and a tail while I wasn’t looking. Continue reading “I Am NOT A Dog Person….okay?”