Case of the Overly Familiar TSA Agent

The following is a true story. The names have not been changed because everyone is innocent.

I am preparing to walk through the TSA scanner in the Baltimore airport.  The TSA agent waves me through and as I emerge from the other side the alert buzzer sounds and the TSA agent loudly announces “Randomly Selected!”

I am ushered back out and around to a Full Body Scanner.  I am waived into the scanner, put my hands over my head as instructed, and asked if my pockets are empty.  I say yes.

This is a lie. Continue reading “Case of the Overly Familiar TSA Agent”

Bag Stealin’ Jack-Wagon!

You will not believe this story.

I was in the middle of an exceptionally heavy travel season at work.  I’m talking about being on the road for the better part of the month for several months in a row.  It was rather exhausting.

Then one night I was getting off a flight somewhere in America (not home, I think it was Charlotte) and I reached into the overhead bin for my bag….only to discover that some “jack-wagon” had taken my bag by mistake! Continue reading “Bag Stealin’ Jack-Wagon!”