Mother Nature Is Still Undefeated

“We have too many ducks.”

That was the conclusion of the staff and some of the residents at an Apartment Community I once managed.  Lots of feathered friends.  They were fond of  a man made lake in the center of the community.  Those ducks were a bit of an institution in the area.  I would sometimes get funny calls from some of the local business people….”Hey, mister, some of your ducks are over here at my store.  I thought you ought to know.”

They’re not MY ducks, man…they are free ducks living their lives. Continue reading “Mother Nature Is Still Undefeated”

Tom Brady Coffee

As we pull up to the menu at Starbucks my wife casually says to me “Do you know what I want…have you got it?”

Now that may seem like a casual question between husband and wife on a lazy Sunday afternoon without a lot of intrigue attached to it.  But this is Starbucks, folks…and they don’t speak any language I am familiar with in there.  Some of my hipper friends and associates might be thinking right now….”C’mon Ken, just order the cup of coffee.”

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