Cake Flippin’ Confidence

There are times in life when you simply have to suspend disbelief and go for it.  All the analysis is over, the rationalizations are exhausted, the excuses no longer persuasive.  You are standing on the precipice and there is no turning back….so you flip the cake.

My wife, Kat, makes this Apple Cream Cake.  Legend has it that it is based on a top secret recipe that she got from her mother.  It’s like a coffee cake but so much more.  She gets lots of requests for it particularly around the holidays and if you are a lucky recipient you will be back for more.

I have suggested to her on more than one occasion that she is sitting on a gold mine….

….and that I already have a marketing plan.

These delights are made with an angel food cake pan so they are shaped like a donut.  My suggestion is that we market them as “C” cakes…..”C” for Catmull, of course.  We simply have to cut a slice out of each cake as it comes off the assembly line.

Mr. McMulti-Tasker

I, of course, would fill the role of slice cutter/product tester/quality control engineer.  It would be a sacrifice but I believe one should support one’s spouse in their endeavors.

Kat was making one of these cakes the other day.  There is this critical moment in the process where she has already removed the cake from the pan and it is resting upside down on a plate.  She then has to cover the upside down cake with another plate and flip it over right side up again.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal but this cake is replete with loose sugar and nuts.  If the flipper hesitates, shows any apprehensiveness, any fear at all….…it’s going to be a mess.

So she has to go for it with supreme confidence.

And on this day she did just that.

Years ago she used to get quite nervous about it.  She would be tentative in the flip because she was nervous about the potential mess and wasting what is a fairly labor intensive effort to make the dish.  Those days are over.

As I watched her masterfully and nonchalantly flip that cake I couldn’t help but think of all the things I have approached with less confidence in my life to the detriment of the very thing I was trying to accomplish.

But no more I say!  Inspired by the “C” cake lady I vow, from this day forward, that I will attack everything in life with…

…cake flippin’ confidence!

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