Astros Win and the Joe Buck bonus!!!

The Astros win the pennant!!!  The Astros win the pennant!!! The Astros win the pennant!!!

…and I think I heard a Joe Buck cry on air.

Listen, I’m not a regular viewer of baseball.  Casual fan at best who has been slowly sucked into the sport by this team of talented young players over the last couple seasons.

I find myself giving motivational speeches to Springer and Reddick during their plate appearances.  Cautioning opposing pitchers that the party is over when Altuve steps up to the plate.  Hitting McCullers with “Settle down, breathe….you’re healthy now.  So go light their asses up.”

They are such a fun team to watch.  And that would be enough for a great sports viewing experience.  But as it turns out you get a bonus as an Astros fan.  A bonus called…

….Joe Buck.

The Astros had a winning record against the Yankees coming  into the series.  The Astros had a better record overall than the Yankees all season long.  The Astros were scheduled for 4 out of 7 at home in this series.

So, of course, we were treated to a constant narrative of how brilliant these “baby bombers” are and what a challenge this was going to be for the Astros.  Their lead off hitter works the count and wears pitchers down….”that’s what he does”.  “Monster shots” coming out of their brilliant MVP candidate, Judge.  Statistical references to how strong their bullpen is and how brilliant they are to have built their team in this way because of how the postseason works.  All of which is true and accurate….

….but a little balance, Joe Buck.  I mean it’s a little embarrassing after awhile.

Joe Buck’s Bronx Bombers are but  a memory now in 2017….as are his Red Sox.  Dodgers are next up but taking them down would be asking too much.

Right Joe?


2 Replies to “Astros Win and the Joe Buck bonus!!!”

  1. Joe Buck might as well painted a “S” on Aaron Judges chest and called him “Superman” after the outfield catch against Yuli Gurriel. It was a good play, don’t get me wrong. I was extatic when Jose Altuve went deep in the exact same spot. “Superman” didn’t get to that one! #supermansdead

  2. I think a big part of it is the audience size thing….it pays to pander to the large media markets. Los Angeles will be the same I assume. I have kind of come to enjoy it. How sweet would it be to take down Boston, NY, and LA in succession. That would be something……

    Could use a split in the first couple games!

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