Astros One Win Away From…

….what they fought all season to achieve.

I remember this exact same scenario with the Rockets during their series with the (wait for it) New York Knicks.  They were down 2-3 to the Knicks and coming home for game 6.

I heard someone on the radio make what I thought was the perfect motivational pitch for a win in the 6th game of that series.

He said “The Rockets are one win away from the thing they have worked so hard to earn during the entire regular season…..”

If you think about it….it’s the sum total of all the reasons to play the regular season.  It decides who you play and more importantly….

…where you play.

They are one win away from getting everything they wanted.

Game 7 at home.

Here’s to sleeping in your own bed, a little authentic TexMex, and a home crowd.

Go Astros.  I believe.

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