Astros – McCullers Health

The bats awoke just in time to get a split in LaLa land.  I believe they will remain awake during the next three games in Houston.  In my mind there is just one big question going into tonight’s game #3 with the Dodgers…

Is he healthy or not?

I love watching McCullers pitch.  I think he is a real talent.  But he is young and, in my mind, untrustworthy on the question of his health status.  I mean that in the most complimentary way.

He is a young, competitive dude who has an incredible opportunity in front of him….to be a starting pitcher in a World Series on a talent stacked roster with a real chance to win it all.  I cannot imagine a scenario where he tells Hinch he can’t go tonight.

I listened to his post game interview after Game 7 against the Yankees….and it was not the voice or the words of a guy who was going to bow out if given the mound.

Hinch I trust.  If he says he’s ready I’m rolling with Hinch…

…but that doesn’t mean I’m not nervous.


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