Astros – How Do YOU Measure Heart?

9th inning, one out, MVP front runner Jose Altuve on first, 3-2 pitch to Correa in a game knotted at one a piece in game #2 of the ALCS……and all that sounds dramatic enough.

But consider this…

The co-front runner for the MVP, Aaron Judge, is in the outfield waiting on the pitch, too.  AND…the only reason the game is knotted at one a piece is because young buck, Carlos Correa, got himself a dinger in the 4th by INCHES on a play that was almost overruled on a fan interference call that for a moment looked like it might become our own local version of the Steve Bartman moment for the Cubs!

Correa gets the hit into right field into the area covered by Judge who scoops it up and relays it to second base.  The throw is not in time to get Correa who has slid into 2nd safely by a couple FEET and now rises on a pop up slide that slightly interferes with the throw home.

The throw home is on time but short by INCHES and one-hopped to the catcher at home plate who, distracted by a late but charging short legged – but full hearted Jose Altuve, drops the ball allowing Altuve in for the winning run.

All of this takes place in the context of 9 innings of brilliant pitching from Verlander, whose deal was consummated with only MINUTES remaining before the deadline.

How do you measure heart?  I don’t know how to measure it.  But I know what it’s looks like…

…inches, feet and minutes.  Go Astros.


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