Astros and The Fan

In music the term “crescendo” refers to a gradual increase in the volume of a piece….and then is sometimes followed by one of my favorite things….a silent pause, a precipice if you will.  It puts the audience, the listener in an unresolved state of anticipation.  It’s magical….and that’s where the Astros have us today.

Can they do it?  Will they do it?  How will Verlander pitch in the most pressure packed game of his career?  Will the Astros bats stay alive on the road in the historic and hostile confines of Dodger stadium?  How will Hinch manage the bullpen?

I’m excited for the city.  I’m excited personally but my obsession is admittedly football, not baseball.  I’m excited for the players and the Astros organization.  But you know who I am really excited for?

My brother-in-law, Ken Webster.  He is affectionately referred to as “Webster”.  He is one of those sports fans that holds on to a team through thick and thin, winning and losing, ownership changes, league changes….all of it.

Webster knows the history of the team.  He knows the rosters.  He knows all the rules, the nuances, the details that are not always apparent to a casual fair weather fan such as myself.

There is so much more to the Ken Webster Astros story that I cannot include it all here.  There’s a lot in that story that I  don’t know for sure.  Perhaps he and his tribe can fill in some of the details.

Here’s what I do know.

No one has lived and died with the Astros like Ken Webster in the decades that I have known him….

….and his team, for the first time ever, is one win away from winning it all.

C’mon boys…one more for Webster!

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