And Three Makes a Herd

My wife Kat loves dogs.  (That sounds funny…Kat loves dogs. Huh.)  She grew up with dogs.  She has always had dogs.  There was a dog in her life the day she was born.  There will be a dog by her side the day she dies.

Husbands?  We’ll call it a day to day evaluation.

Now I am famously NOT a dog person.  See below.

I Am NOT A Dog Person….okay?

We have two American Cocker Spaniels from a well respected breeder in Oklahoma.  (Fellow Texans – insert obligatory Oklahoma joke here.)  Now I really know nothing about dogs other than they eat and poop a lot.  But I have to say that these particular beasts are more impressive than the other mutts we have had around these parts.  They are stronger, faster, smarter and more energetic than any of the others that came before them.  They are really quite impressive….and I had adjusted to the “dog life”.

And then Kat said we needed a third dog…

Unfortunately for Kat I had to draw a hard line.  You see we don’t have room for a third dog.  A third dog would make traveling more difficult.  The first two dogs are a lot of work and this would only add to the load.  It broke Kat’s heart but when the king speaks the kingdom must bow to his will.

…and so, of course, we picked up our third dog in Oklahoma this week.

America, meet Zoe Grace.  Zoe Grace, meet America.

She is trouble with a capital Z.


4 Replies to “And Three Makes a Herd”

    1. Kat has shown me Pea on a few occasions….there is definitely a family resemblance! Thanks for reading and the kind words…(he said with a tiny one chewing on his pant leg). I know you guys are in the thick of the CA fires…hope all is well. Be safe.

  1. I’m not a little dog person. . Okay? I like big dogs, German Shepherd, Husky, Labs, etc. Sonya and Kathryn begged me (OK they told me) to get a little dog. They promised to care for it, feed it, bathe it, etc. I was determined to not like it. For the last 8 years, Lilly, a Shitzu-Poodle, has been my shadow and best friend. She is right at my feet wherever I go, no matter who else is around (unless there is bacon nearby). EVERY morning when I brush my teeth, she stares up at me and cries because she knows that means I’m leaving the house. Santa will be filling her stocking with treats this Christmas. Okay, I’m a little dog person.

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