And so it begins…

An outlet….we all need one I suppose.  I’m no exception.  And since we live in a social media age…well here we are.

When one is recording his first blog post there comes that moment of pause.  Should I or shouldn’t I?  What if I can’t….?  What if I’m not…?

Well I probably shouldn’t.  I probably can’t.  And I’m probably not.

But…I’m going to write for awhile anyway.  Whether I continue to write will be a mix of “am I having fun?” and “is anyone reading this blather?”

(Hint: Both would be nice but only one is required.  Can you guess which one?  Make your guess in the comment section!)

My goals with this project are fairly open ended and flexible but I think they hover mostly around the following:

  • Diversion
  • Stimulation
  • Discussion

My hope is that some of the postings here will stimulate a healthy comment section….and that if you are moved in some way by what you read you will consider sharing via social media.  That would mean a great deal to me.

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And so it begins…

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