AI, Robotics and Your Readiness

I remember learning math tables. Let’s see here…2 times 2 is 4…..2 times 3 is 6…2 times 4 is 7…..

“What?  Start again?  Oh, c’mon Mom!”

It was a slow but valuable process establishing the foundation for more learning.  And, of course, as you learn more skills the pace of your learning starts to increase.  (Not necessarily for me, but theoretically speaking.)

As a species, through the use of modern technology, we have reached a moment now where the ability to produce, record and store data has far exceeded our ability to process it all….as in memorizing a math table.

90% of the data that exists today was generated over the last 2 years.”   This is a popular claim these days.   Google it.

Now I don’t know if that is factually accurate.  Nor do I know whether it is even possible to measure.  But I do believe that the spirit of that claim is on point.

I was recently at a conference in the presence of some very cutting edge techies and they were talking about the different types of data that are collected these days.  Some of it is easy to analyze.  For instance, name, phone number, SS#, zip code, gender, race, height, weight, etc.  If you have all of that data it’s a fairly straight forward task these days to manage it in a way that allows you to find patterns of behavior.

But a lot of the data collected today is not as easily analyzed.  A text interaction, a recorded phone call, a Snapchat, a Facebook post, a photograph, a twitter rant by POTUS….though much time has been spent trying on that last one!

Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The ability to process the enormous and exponentially increasing amount of data that is becoming available far exceeds the human capacity to do so without assistance.  AI is providing humankind with a tool to process that data, learn from it independent of human assistance, even if the data comes in unconventional forms such as a blog post or a twitter rant,  and then form actionable conclusions….and act on them.

And with that tool the possibilities are almost endless.  It may mean that our species, not just our country, but our species is getting ready to go through a major paradigm shift in the way we live our daily lives.

I have no expertise in this area but am fortunate enough to have some occasional exposure to those who do have such expertise.  And they have me convinced that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to change our world.   And so the question is…..

…are you ready?

The question really is about your mindset when it comes to change.   Your mindset about change is likely going to be a strong predictor of your happiness in the coming years….

…because change is coming, ready or not.


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