A Christmas Card For You

This last year has been a very interesting one in the Catmull household.  I am sure it has been an interesting year for you and yours as well.  There have been successes, failures, challenges and adventures.  Our family and friends have lost loved ones and added some new family members along the way.  And so then comes Christmas…

I just want to pause for a moment and thank you for your attention this year.  In a world where there is a great deal of competition for your eyes and your thoughts you have chosen to spend some of your precious time reading this blog.

So thank you….both of you.

(Okay…I just love that joke.)

The video below is my gift to you and/or your punishment depending on how high your musical standards happen to be.

Either way, Merry Christmas and have a happy and safe Holiday Season!



10 Replies to “A Christmas Card For You”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Ken! 2017 has not been without it’s challenges and I’m looking forward to tacking up the 2018 calendar.

    On another note – I don’t know why but “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” makes me cry every darn time! Even that little snippet. But it’s one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. A Merry Christmas to you Ken, and Kat of course ! I have been slacking on my reading of your blog. But am sure I will enjoy to catch up on them over the Holidays!

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