The Essential Sleep

Ever get the sniffles, a headache that won’t go away, sore neck, having trouble focusing, a general malaise?

It must be Monday!

We all suffer from these things from time to time…particularly as the years start to stack up on us.  These happen to me more often today than yesterday that’s for sure.  But I am a young man in my prime at 54 so we can all agree that’s not the issue.  (Let’s just all agree on that and move on people.) Continue reading “The Essential Sleep”

“dot dot dot” Syndrome

YOUNG KEN:  Geez, Dad, it’s a mess up there in Washington!  I don’t know why those guys don’t just show some courage, work together and get some stuff done!  Geez…

DAD:  So what are you going to do about it?  You should run for office.

Now, as a young man, I did not take his message to mean that he thought I would be a great politician.  I took his message to mean “How frustrated are you?  Frustrated enough to invest YOUR time and resources in a solution?”

From that interaction as a young adult, I developed a pet peeve. Continue reading ““dot dot dot” Syndrome”

Harvey Observations

The story of Hurricane Harvey is still playing out as I write these words.  Keep those in his path in your thoughts and prayers.  He has been no less than devastating for those along the Gulf Coast of Texas.  As the days go by you will be treated to stories and pictures from this weather event that will be difficult to imagine.

But for the moment I offer a few personal observations. Continue reading “Harvey Observations”